Sage Stories | Video Marketing

Storyboard. Creation. Direction. Cut. Spread.

Embedding unique customer stories, success and pain points and direct feedback into an exciting video framework. Taking the audience into a fascinating start-up and scale-up world. A casual talk and insight from a business to a business owner.

The idea is to create a new communication format from the view point of business owner (Sage customers). The aim is to have a same level communication to receive insights into their day-to-day business. This is a starting point to understand the customers to provide more relevant and targeted customers experience with Sage.

This communication format allows me to gather an excessive amount of content which is divided into different topics. For each topic, I choose the most relevant channel of communication.

To capture the video, I choose a compact equipment which allows us an efficient filming without any restrictions. These tools to have a smooth post production in Final Cut Pro. Sound, motion graphics and finalisation there therefore done in effective manner.

The different modes of communication could be leveraged most efficiently as successful generated

The steps mention before provided the base to leverage a variety of divers communication channels. Blog, social post, business stories, Youtube, direct mail …