• Relaunch & communication strategy

Relauch & communication strategy for retail

Relauch online shop

The task, which was transferred to me as a project manager, was to put the online shop on a technically new scaffolding. Here it is to introduce a scalable eCommerce software. With Magento the corresponding interfaces to the ERP (SAP), the logistics and payment partners were created. I also chose Magento as the usability and foundations for the SEO and SEM tasks. In addition, the design has been reworked for usability and functionality. Additionally I placed great emphasis on navigation and »call-to-action« elements.

Integrated communication strategy for retail

In the second part of my project responsibility, I integrated the existing communication tools. A clear strategy for digital marketing with all the basic disciplines had to be defined, to ensure the online shop is established as a powerful tool. So I developed the communication concept and started implementing it. As a first-rate communication target, the awareness and attention for the brand and the product portfolio were to be set within the defined target group. Strategically, I concentrated on the online area as an exclusive communication channel.

The mix of measures included, among other things, the setting-up of customer groups for the online shop and the sending of e-mail newsletters with coordinated content and attractive appearance. With a broad banner campaign in display advertising, the SEM around the Google AdWords was supported. In addition, I implemented banner advertising in the corresponding thematic websites and target group and a timely blog about the theme world. These measures were supported by various affiliate programs. In addition to the social media channels often used by the target group, campaigns and posts were created in order to transport the know-how of the brand Coolima.

To check the successful implementation of the SEO tasks in conjunction with the measures from the Google display network and optimized I linked various accounts with Google Analytics. Thus, an overarching analysis and optimization of the set goals could be ensured.

All the measures used, led to positive results in the conversions and thus to the desired increase in sales.