new product line – published through the digital channels

As the leading Digital Marketer, I designed the strategy.

With the go-to-market strategy, the communication activities for digital communication activities, derived from traditional marketing were very closely related to each other.

For the new product line of the high-performance milling cutter (trochoidal cutter), the advantages and technical innovations were published primarily through the digital channels worldwide.

Digital Marketer

As the leading Digital Marketer, I designed the strategy. Additionally my responsibility was also to ensure that the media used for communication was prepared for the communication channels. The dates of the product launches with the respective elements in the respective channel were arranged.

In this way, the product content was created within the space of the brand website. This ensured a more targeted approach with the methods of SEO, Google AdWords and Bing Advertising tools. Supported by direct marketing measures, this strategy also confirmed the success of social media activities. With me producing the product video, a distinctly increased perception within the target group was successfully achieved. This enabled me for example to place strong coverage advertising on Youtube.

With the corresponding know-how of the tools used in digital marketing, a timely implementation was ensured.