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☁︎ Digital Athlete, Global Citizen, Not Your Average Leader, Marketeer ☁︎

I am a digital professional. Living at the edge of digital technology. My passion is Digital Marketing. I am a highly experience creative leader and strategist, with more than 14 years of experience in agencies and marketing departments. Broad cross-industry knowledge and international experience are my trademark. My extensive knowledge and interest in creating and managing
authentic, result-driven digital experiences on international standards are the key to my success. Why I call myself „digital“ is herewith explained.

Now, what do I mean by „athlete“? I have played 25 years of American Football. Being a linebacker, I have learned the importance of agility and speed. As a captain I knew the essence of team effort and motivation. Continuity and ambition earned me the title MVP.

☁︎ Welcome to the world of a Digital Athlete. ☁︎

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